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Concrete repair

Concrete always cracks. That is what it does. It is also porous – look at it under a microscope and it looks like a sponge. .. and rebar rusts which is like a cancer inside the concrete.

Moisture and salt are corrosive elements that when left unchecked will reduce the lifespan of a concrete structure especially when freeze-thaw enters into the picture. The installation of a protective coating can significantly extend the lifecycle of the concrete as well as making it look nice.

A critical part of any resurfacing project is the repair and preparation of the concrete. Repairing and preparing the base properly ensures that the installation of the overlay is a long lasting solution. Fixing concrete to look nice for the short-term is easy. Fixing it for the long-term is the hard part. In this regard we follow the ICRI concrete repair guidelines. We provide durable solutions by using the best materials and applying them in a knowledgeable and conscientious manner.