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Waterproofing goes hand in hand with concrete repair and resurfacing, and is often the reason behind many concrete improvement projects. If the concrete is damaged and ugly – that is one thing. But if the concrete is leaking, then it has to be fixed. 
Concrete is inherently porous and over time water can work its way through a concrete slab. Even if there is no visible cracking, it can start leaking. This is in particular a problem for backyard balconies and coldrooms that were built without a membrane. There are various ways to solve the problem, and it should be noted that addressing water infiltration issues is not an exact science.   
Installing a membrane is the more common approach used. When necessary DecoPolymer will install a membrane to protect against water infiltration. The membrane installation is done as part of a repair and resurfacing project, and it enables us to provide a nice looking finish – as well as protecting the house from water infiltration.
In situations where it is not practical to install a membrane or french drain there are steps that can be taken to address water issues from the inside of the house (usually a coldroom). In such cases we typically use crystalline waterproofing compounds, polymer repair mortars and structural epoxy paste.  This is not the ideal solution, but in many instances it is a lower cost alternative that can solve the problem.